We only provide the highest quality desserts, using the highest quality ingredients.


Our goal is to create that home-cooked taste that everyone loves and remembers.


Each flavor of Jar Sweets is unique and is bound to make you want more!

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Our story

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet where Jar Sweets, the portable delights, live on the web.


Like so many people, I’ve always loved baking and making treats for family and friends. It’s difficult to describe just how happy it makes me to know someone is enjoying something I’ve baked. And it’s especially nice when I know they’re eating something made from great, natural and wholesome ingredients.

The idea for Jar Sweets came to me in October 2017. My baby brother, who lives across the country with his wife, was celebrating a birthday (his 43rd) and I wanted to send him a nice gift. I wound up sending him a cut fruit basket, it was a nice gift, but when we spoke about it he reminded me of the time years ago when I had baked him some mini Bundt cakes. He and his wife enjoyed the fruit, but hinted birthdays and celebrations are for cake!


It got me thinking… I couldn’t send an entire cake to just two people. And what if my sister in law preferred chocolate? It was then that I began experimenting with smaller versions of my tried and true treat recipes. I used a variety of molds, none of which looked good enough, or more importantly, were portable. That was when I saw my jam-filled jars and thought, YES! that could work.


I made a gift basket of jars filled with something like 6 different cakes. There was lemon, tiramisu, carrot cake and my Abuela’s Tres Leches cake (which is spectacular by the way). 

My brother and his wife loved the basket. He called me the day they arrived and said, “Liz, I think you’re on to something here.”


30 years spent teaching high school and now I’m in my first year as an entrepreneur.


It is my mission to bring you, my customers, the best homemade desserts I can bake. You can take these Jar Sweets anywhere. You can have one all to yourself, since they’re just 8 oz. each, or you can take a few bites, close the lid and save them for later. 


You can send gifts anywhere in the continental US. You can order for parties as nice little favors for your guests. 


There are 22 flavors to choose from, and if you have special requests, let’s talk. There is a made-to-order option that can fit special needs diets or specific tastes. 


That’s me. That’s Jar Sweets. I’m looking forward to baking for you.                                        


Some Favorites

Take a look at the rest of our desserts too!

Tres Leches

description pending.


Chocolate Cupcake

description pending.